Top Line Growth

Capital Structure

Operational Efficiency

Leadership Enhancement

We combine a strong business and corporate development resources with successful experience across Asian, European and US capital markets.  We have supported our portfolio companies with multiple cross border transactions within and outside Asia.

We are a large team with depth, an institution that has been built through both bull and bear markets.

Partnership with us can add institutional credibility to a company and accelerates penetration into the global market.

Asia Focus
Asia Focus

The Asia Pacific region has become an increasingly important aspect for global growth. As countries across the Americas and Europe experience continued slow-down in economic activity, Asia macroeconomic trends seem promising with rising domestic consumption and a growing urbanization of the middle class.

We believe our 25-year Asian history and profound understanding of the region primes our ability to gather unique market insights and value creation opportunities. This has resulted in our success in helping US and European companies penetrate Asian markets and helping Asian companies expand globally.

Partner for Growth
Partner for Growth

We view portfolio companies as long term partners; only long-term engagement enables us to understand the key factors of success for different businesses.  We can provide safety net and additional investment in case of unforeseen changes in the future business environment.

We support companies for acquisitive initiatives in local markets and global expansions.

Our interests are aligned with existing shareholders and management.

Operations Focused
Operations Focused

We are committed to creating sustainable value creation across our portfolio companies. Our in-house dedicated Operations team with multi-functional capabilities supports pre- and post-investment value creation throughout the portfolio including:

  • Pre-investment diligence validation
  • Post-investment management alignment and strategic blueprint planning
  • Initiative prioritization and implementation
  • Implementation/improvement tracking and monitoring
  • Strategic review facilitation
Strong Network
Strong Network

We believe only a robust and extensive multi-industry network can enhance our portfolio companies’ competitiveness in the international market place.

We maintain a global network of partners, including over 300 C-suites relationships, which support our firm as we source business partners, financing capital and acquisition opportunities for our portfolio companies. In parallel, the Baring Operations team also maintains an ecosystem of over 200 experts and advisors readily deployable depending on subject matter needs.