Buy and Build

We use platform investment to acquire subscale businesses and expand them

Overseas Expansion

Regional and global inbound and outbound M&A in deal origination and company expansion


We work closely with companies experiencing generational change, with corporates seeking to divest non-core assets and with Chinese State Owned Enterprises through the mixed ownership program


Dedicated Operations team with hands on involvement and granular operating plans

Supporting Growth

Growth-oriented approach to post-investment value creation

We invest in Asian companies that are experiencing strong growth through either a controlling or significant minority stake.

We typically seek to invest in companies with enterprise values in the range of $500 million to $2 billion. We proactively approach a range of market leading companies that are experiencing strong growth and consequently have a need for equity financing.
A Proven Track Record
A Proven Track Record

We work closely with our portfolio companies to prepare them in advance of final divestment, which is typically built into the investment thesis of a company from the outset.

Our liquidity-focused approach ensures that each portfolio company is given time to develop before becoming a candidate for a pre-identified exit process.

For some companies, this includes a public listing or trade sale, but we will explore multiple opportunities to find the exit route which yields the best returns within each market, at any point in the cycle.


proven track record


in total realizations




We invest across multiple countries, sectors and investment types, in order to build a diversified portfolio of investments. Our regional perspective enables us to evaluate a broad range of opportunities and to select those with the most attractive risk-adjusted returns at any point in time.

Capital Preservation
Capital Preservation

We have a deeply rooted principle of capital preservation and risk management, beginning with diversification at the portfolio level. This also includes “right-sizing” investments: implementing downside protection structures, conducting thorough due diligence, and remaining involved in post-investment operations.

Post-Investment Value Creation
Post-Investment Value Creation

A central feature of our strategy is a growth-oriented approach to post-investment value creation. We start by identifying potential initiatives during the due diligence process, typically focused on three key “value creation drivers” through which we have demonstrated significant performance-enhancing capabilities, these are: operational improvement; platform/bolt-on acquisitions; and cross-border strategy.