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Magic Holdings

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    Growth Equity

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    2012 – 2014


Magic Holdings is a leading player in China’s skincare industry. Magic Holdings is principally involved in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of facial masks and other skincare products.  The company has a national footprint of over 12,000 retail points, including personal care chain stores, hypermarket / supermarket chains, and specialty beauty retailers.

Financial Performance
Building a Better Company

We assisted the company in reviewing numerous strategic initiatives, including potential acquisitions of research and development capabilities in Korea and Taiwan, the expansion of production and research and development facilities in China, the acquisition of e-commerce service platforms, and strategies to

refine the company’s market positioning.

We helped the company in managing investor relations to increase research coverage from 3 to 8 houses during our investment, thus promoting the exposure and liquidity of the stock.

The company was acquired by French cosmetic giant L’Oreal in 2014.

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