We employ over 210 talented individuals across ten offices around the world.

As an Asia-focused organization, we leverage our inherent regional expertise to help great companies grow and make a positive impact in the region we live in.

At BPEA, we believe that a firm’s success or failure comes from within – our people are ultimately what makes us and are our most important asset.


Humble, grounded and level-headed

We learn from our mistakes, we remain grateful for our achievements, and we resist adopting an overly optimistic or pessimistic view.

Teamwork, fairness, generosity & mutual respect

We know that each success is not the result of any one individual, but rather the collective efforts of everyone who has worked on and supported the investment.

Courage and entrepreneurial spirit

We are an entrepreneurial company. We need to be confident to act on our beliefs, even if everyone else is doing the opposite.


BPEA has assembled a team of some of the most creative and talented minds in Asia

Comprising a diverse mix of nationalities, backgrounds and genders, our professionals are skilled at working across borders, cultures and sectors, sharing coplex process associates encouraged to work closely with managing directors and portfolio company executives – every opinion counts.

To retain and develop our team, we provide extensive training programs, online and in-person skills-based workshops and individual mentoring and coaching.

Underpinning this is a strong focus on individual wellbeing.  We pursue a well-rounded approach to supporting our team, providing employees with the network, resources and benefits to support their physical and mental health, and helping with milestones such as transition into parenthood.

We are growing rapidly, but our senior staff have an average tenure of close to ten years, underscoring our success in managing our own human capital over a long-term horizon.  At BPEA, we place a strong emphasis on developing and promoting from within.


MBA Graduate

“I have been inspired by my experience of working at BPEA. No matter what level of seniority you are, sharing opinions and ideas is positively encouraged.”

Deal team member

“Being part of a large, Asia based team of diverse nationalities and backgrounds, means that we intimately understand how to navigate the workings and cultures of countries and industries across Asia. This enables us to forge relationships and source investments that others may miss.” 


“Working at BPEA is about being part of a community which constantly challenges you to strive to be the best. We are encouraged to think independently and bring creative solutions to every situation.”

BPEA recognizes that diversity, equity and inclusion can bring valuable insights to the workplace, enhance the overall performance of the firm, and make a more appealing workplace.

BPEA is committed to:

Developing a rich, inclusive, equitable and diverse work environment

Making employees feel welcome, valued, treated with fairness, respect, dignity and have equal opportunities to develop their talents

Taking responsibility to impact the local communities

BPEA requires a firm-wide effort from senior leaders to all managers and employees to achieve diversity, equity and inclusion, both within and outside the firm. By building an environment and reputation for valuing differences, we can attract, develop and retain talented employees who know that we will appreciate and utilize the skills, backgrounds, perspectives, and knowledge they bring to the table.


We offer talented people a variety of exciting career opportunities across our different businesses and regions. 
If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please write to us and submit your resume at [email protected].